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CM express condolences over death of Kudayathur landslide disaster

The landslide in Kudayathur panchayat near Thodupuzha claimed the lives of five people, and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressed his condolences. The Chief Minister expressed his profound sadness over the tragedy in a Facebook post.

‘The landslide at Maliekal Colony at 3.30 am claimed the lives of Chittadichalil Soman, his wife Shiji, mother Thankamma, daughter Shima, and Shima’s son Devanand. The unexpected landslide destroyed Soman’s home. participating in the sorrow of family and countrymen’. Chief Minister noted.

A landslide happened near Kudayathur this morning around 3 am. Soman’s home was completely destroyed by the flood. The deceased include Soman, his mother Thankamma, wife Sheeja, daughter, and daughter’s son Devanand. Despite a colony being close by, other homes were unaffected by the disaster. Since previous night, it has been pouring heavily in the neighbourhood.

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