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CM applied for re-appointment of Kannur VC: Kerala Governor

The Chief Minister’s request, according to Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, was the reason for the Vice Chancellor of Kannur University’s reappointment. The governor’s latest revalation on the reappointment of Kannur VC Gopinath Ravindran comes as their battle with the government is getting more heated.

It has been revealed that Raj Bhavan received a letter from the higher education minister requesting his reappointment as provost. The governor also made it clear that even if the legislation are approved by the assembly, he won’t sign them until a constitutional assessment has been completed. Any bill can be approved by government. But the governor made it clear that a review of the constitution would be carried out.

When the bills get to him, he will check them. No matter what legislation is passed, the governor has made it clear that political appointments would not be permitted. On the bill to alter the university system, the governor stated he would not comment. The independent authority of the institutions would not be compromised, he again made clear.

Universities must abide by UGC regulations. The governor claimed that upholding the constitution was his responsibility. He had stated that the selection of a cousin had made him feel awkward in his role as chancellor.

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