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Climate Change Threatens Emperor Penguins

The emperor penguin population in Antarctica is in grave danger due to decreasing sea ice levels, according to the US wildlife authorities, which have designated the species as endangered. The Endangered Species Act will now provide new protections for the flightless seabirds (ESA).
The US Fish and Wildlife Service now lists the species as threatened, according to CNN, since global warming is eroding the sea ice that penguins need to survive. Regardless of their nation of origin, the federal office labels “imperilled species as endangered or threatened.”

Shaye Wolf, the climate science director at the Center for Biological Diversity, interpreted Tuesday’s declaration as a warning that emperor penguins require “urgent climate action” in order to live.

Whether our government takes decisive action now to reduce climate-warming fossil fuels and prevent irreparable harm to life on earth will determine whether the penguin will survive Wolf uttered.

The 1973 Endangered Species Act is credited with saving a number of wildlife, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, grey whales, and others from extinction according to the news agency Reuters. The regulation has disappointed several companies that can be prevented from expanding regions deemed essential for species conservation, including drilling and mining.

Service Director Martha Williams said in a statement that “this listing underscores the mounting extinction catastrophe and highlights the necessity of the ESA and efforts to conserve species before population decreases become irrevocable.” “Addressing climate change is a priority for the Administration because it is having a significant impact on species all across the world. The emperor penguin’s listing is both a warning and a call to action.”

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