Christianity  remains  popular  among  Asian Americans

By  our  Religious  Correspondent

Washington,  Oct  22  (IVC)    Christianity    remained  the most   common   religion  among  Asian Americans   despite  an overall decline  in  the  number  of  people following religions,  according  to the  latest Pew  survey.

                About  34  per  cent  of   Asian  American  adults identified their  religion as  Christianity  in 2023,  from  42  per  cent in 2012, the  survey  revealed. “Despite recent declines, Christianity   is  still the  most  common religion  among  Asian Americans”, the  survey   report  released  by Pew Research  Centre  here  on October  11 said.

                Among  the  respondents  who  said  that  they  were  Christians, around  17  per  cent   were  Catholics  and 16 per  cent were  Protestants> One  -tenth  of  Asian  Americans were Buddhists  and  Hindus while  Muslims were  only  six  per  cent.

                Other  Asian  religious groups including  Daoists, Jains, Jews  and  Sikhs together  made  up  four  per  cent  of  all  Asian  Americans  adults. Six  Asian origin groups – Chinese, Filipino,  Indian, Japanese, Korean  and Vietnamese Americans  constituted about  81  per  cent  of  roughly  7,000   Asian  Americans surveyed.  

                The  survey  also  looked  at  the various largest  subgroups  within Christianity,  both  Protestants  and  Catholics.  The  result  showed  an  overall decline in numbers in  2023  compared to  the  previous  survey  conducted  in 2012.

                Protestants  had  come  down 16  per  cent  in  2023 from 22  per  cent  in 2012.  The  Evangelicals who  were included  within  the  Protestant  subgroup  also  showed a decline  to 10  per  cent from 13 per  cent for  the  same  period. 

                “The  share  of  the  Catholics is  more  stable”,  report  said. Followers  of  Catholicism were   reported  to  have  declined    to  17  per  cent   in 2023   from  19  per  cent  in  2012.

                The survey  also  analyzed  how  Asian Americans identify  themselves as “close” to  Christianity   despite  being non-adherent  to  any specific religion.

                “Many  who  do  not  identify with  a specific  religion still  say  they  consider themselves close  to  the  religious or  philosophical traditions  that  are  common in  their  country  of  ancestry”,  the  survey  report  revealed.

                About  18  per  cent  of  Asian  Americans ,  while  not  identifying  as  Christians ,  said that  they  feel “close  to”   Christianity “aside from  religion”  for  reasons  suc  as  family background or  culture. In  total 40  per  cent  of  Asian  American adults express  a  connection  to  one  or  more  groups  that  they   do  not  claim  a  religious  identity, the  survey  revealed.

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