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Chemicals in curry powders: Human Rights Commission urges for stringent testing

The Human Rights Commission should streamline the testing procedures and pursue strict legal action against the offenders in cases where food products, like as curry powders that are widely used in the state, are discovered to contain substances hazardous to the body.

The Commissioner of Food Safety was instructed by Commission Chairman Justice Anthony Dominick that the relevant authorities have a duty to defend the right of the public to consume food that is both safe and unadulterated.

The complaint, made by TN Prathapan on behalf of the People’s Inquiry Committee, claims that food products originating from other states and food products coming in envelopes are dangerously contaminated. On February 5, 2019, the commission had made a decision regarding the same matter.

The Commission had instructed the Food Safety Commissioner to quickly create district-level food safety squads and carry out rigorous inspections on February 5, 2019. The commission had also recommended that steps be taken to stop the overuse of pesticides and the chemical addition to food products.

The panel had mandated that the inspections proceed without incident and that serious punishment be meted out to those responsible. The prompt implementation of this order was demanded by Justice Anthony Dominic.

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