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Catholic population in Hungary  shrinks to 30  per cent

By Our  Foreign  Correspondent

Budapest, Nov 07  (IVC)  ,  The  population of Catholics  in Hungary,  situated in  East  Central  Europe,  has shrunk to  about 30  per cent .

                While  all the  country’s main denominations  were hit  badly ,results  for the  Ran estimated  figure  of  Roman  Catholic  Church, historically  the  nation’s  majority tradition, were  worst  of  all- a drop  of 1.1  million (nearly 30  per  cent ) compared  to 2011.   The number of Catholics  went  down to  an  estimated   figure  of  2.6  million today   from  3.6  million in 2011, according  to  the  official  census  of   religious identity  released  here  recently.

                It  was  really  a  bad  news  for  those  who  concerned  with the  future  of  Christianity n  central  Europe.

                For  the first  time  in Hungary  a  majority  of  56.6 per  cent of Hungarians  failed  to  declare  membership of  a  faith  tradition with  16.5  per  cent  declaring “no  religion” status  and another 40.1  per  cent  choosing  not  to  answer  the  questionnaire  at all.

                Combined  with a smaller loss  between 2001 and 2011 , Hungary’s Catholic  population  has shrunk to  an  outstanding  50  per  cent  of  this  century ,  to  just 27.5 per  cent  of  the  population.

                These  facts contrast  starkly   with the the rhetoric  of  Viktor Orban , Hungary’s far-right  Prime  Minister  who  has described “Christian Hungary”  as  a supposed  bulwark  against  immigration  of Muslims  and other religious minorities into  Europe.

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