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Catholic  Church expresses  grave  concern  over  Muslims’  attitude towards Hamas

By  Our  Special  Correspondent 

Thrissur, Nov 02  (IVC)  The  Syro-Malabar  Church  expressed grave  concern over   the political Islamists   using  the  Israel-Palestine  conflict  to  the Muslims’ advantage  in Kerala.

                The  Auxiliary   Bishop of the  Syro-Malabar Church’s  Arch eparchy  of  Changanassery  Mar  Thomas  Tharayil  on Oct 28  openly  expressed  displeasure  over  the  perceived  attempt  to  pull  over   the terrorist  character  of the  Palestine organization  and using the issue  to  create  communal divisions  in Kerala.” It  raises  the suspicion  that  the ongoing debate over the war  is a symptom  of the communal cataract  that has caught Kerala  society.  We  fear that even  the secular parties  here  are competing with each other  to blame  only Israel , portraying  the brutal attack  by  the  terrorist organization  Hamas  on  a country, where  life  is going on  peacefully, as  an act  of  the defense”, noted the  bishop on his social media page.

Observing that  the Pope has called  for  an immediate  end  to the war,  he wanted  against  parties  deliberately acknowledging  vote  bank as  the lone criterion of the truth. “This will  only serve  to turn even the neutral into communalists”, he  said.

                The  Bishop’s  remark  comes close  on  the  heels of  an editorial in the Deepika,  the first daily  in Kerala founded by the Saint Elias  Kuriakose of  Chavara, which  is very  popular  among the Catholic  Community .  The  Malayalam daily  unleashed a scathing  attack  on the pro-Hamas stance adopted in India,  particularly  the Left parties.

                It  urged  those  sympathizing  with  Hamas  to  get  an  idea regarding the  situation of 2000-odd Christians  living  in Gaza,

                Among  those  who have  come up  to  whitewash Hamas include people  who are caught  n the  trap laid  by fundamentalists organizations, those  who  have  fallen silent  for  fear  of  vote  banks, and the  cowardly intellectuals.  The  first step  towards reining  in terrorism is to identify the  terrorist organizations.  Such  outfits  should not  be mixed up  with human  rights organizations and freedom movements.  Hamas  is indeed  a terrorist  organization, said the Bishop’s article.  

                The  Catholic  Church regards  the  growing anti-Israel  sentiment in Kerala  as a manifestation of  political Islam  deepening its clout  over  the  secular political  fronts  here. 

                Besides  Congress  leader  Shashi  Tharoor MP’s speech  at Kozhikode  last week  at a Palestine Solidarity  meeting organized by the Indian Union Muslim League  branding Hamas a terrorist  organization  created  snarling  and displeasure among the organizers.  Later  Tharoor justified that allegation  and said that he was always with Palestine.

                The  row  over Hamas ex-chief  addressing  online  Solidarity  rally  at  Malappuram on October 27, ended registering a case against Union  Minister  Rajeev  Chandrasekhar  by Kerala  Government .

                The  Palestine leader and former Hamas Chief  Khaaaled Mashal addressed  online  rally taken out   by  the  Solidarity  Youth  Movement  expressed support  for  the

  Palestine people.  The live  video address  by  Mashal  triggered  a controversy.  The  solidarity Youth  Movement also  also  organized  at Palakad   on Oct 29   to  express  solidarity  with  Palestine.  The  meeting held  at  the  Palakad  Fort  grounds (Kotta  Maidan)  raised slogans lke “bulldozer Hindutva  and Apartheid  Zionism”.

                The high  profile  case   against the Union Minister  was  for his  statement of inciting  hate  between  different faiths  immediately  after the bomb blast at Kalamassery  on  Oct 29.

                BJP’s state  president, K Surendran  said that the Kerala  Government  had  pandered  to  the religious extremists  by  foisting a false case against Union Minister  Chandrasekhar. The  Kerala  government had  tacitly  endorsed  Hamas  leader  Mashal’s  address to the  youth  wing (Solidarity  of  Youth  Movement of  the jaamaat-e-islam) last week at  Malappuram.

                CPI(M)  State Secretary  M V  Govindan  also  linked the blast at  Kalamassery  to  the Palestine issue. The opposition Indian National  Congress party  leader  has petitioned  to the police  to  prosecute Govindan for inciting communal enmity .

                The  communal cauldron in Kerala  as boiling  to  the  maximum  following the conflict in West Asia  due  to  Hamas attack  on Israel  on Oct 07, 2023. According to  media reports over  10,000  people fell dead   like  winged-termites following  the  conflicts.

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