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Tirupati Temple Trust declares assets, Claims it has over ten tonnes of gold, fifteen billion rupees in cash

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) revealed a list of its assets, including fixed deposits and gold deposits, in a white paper that was published on Saturday. The current trust board’s investment guidelines have been enhanced, according to the TTD, since 2019. The trust further refuted claims made on social media that the TTD board and Read More…

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Under Mumbai’s JJ Hospital, 132-year-old tunnel from British era discovered

At the government-run hospital in Mumbai, a tunnel dating back 132 years was found. During construction of a medical unit at the JJ Hospital in Byculla, Mumbai, which was erected in the British era, a 200-meter tunnel was discovered. Dr. Arun Rathod, a resident medical officer, stated in a statement to the news agency ANI, Read More…

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Climate Change Threatens Emperor Penguins

The emperor penguin population in Antarctica is in grave danger due to decreasing sea ice levels, according to the US wildlife authorities, which have designated the species as endangered. The Endangered Species Act will now provide new protections for the flightless seabirds (ESA).The US Fish and Wildlife Service now lists the species as threatened, according Read More…

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Novelist TP Rajeevan Passes Away

The renowned poet and writer TP Rajeevan passed away on Wednesday night in Kozhikode’s Malaparamba neighbourhood. He was 63. Rajeevan passed away at the IQRAA International Hospital & Research Centre hospital around 11:30 PM, according to sources. Since October 22, he has been hospitalised due to kidney problems. Rajeevan, a Journalist who was born in Read More…

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Today’s partial solar eclipse will be visible in India

Today, October 25, certain areas of the nation will be able to witness a rare partial solar eclipse.  A partial solar eclipse will be seen over India for the first time in more than ten years, and it won’t happen again for another ten. When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are not quite lined up, there is a partial solar eclipse, which causes the Sun to appear to have a black shadow covering a portion of its surface.  A partial solar eclipse has three phases: the beginning, when it reaches its maximum, and the finish. The first solar eclipse of the year took place on April 30, making Tuesday’s eclipse the last one to happen this year. An annular eclipse will be the next significant solar eclipse to be viewable from India on May 21, 2031, when the annularity can be seen from a small area of land in south India. The next total solar eclipse will be viewed from India on March 20, 2034, and the totality will be seen from the northernmost region of Kashmir. The eclipse must be observed with the utmost caution.  Even while the eclipse may be seen to the unaided eye, the sun’s rays can seriously damage the eye. Using appropriate sun filters, such as eclipse glasses, is the safest way to see the eclipse.  These eyewear items, which are comprised of materials like aluminized Mylar or black polymer, will assist shield your eyes from harm. During the eclipse, it is essential that all road users always drive with their headlights on. Due to the solar eclipse, the government of Odisha has declared today a vacation.  An official announcement states that all government offices, schools, universities, educational institutions, courts, banks, and other financial institutions will be closed on Tuesday. Due to the solar eclipse, the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati will be closed for around 12 hours.  The temple would be closed from 8:11 am to 7:30 pm, a temple official told PTI. Due to the solar eclipse, the Kedarnath and Badrinath temples in Uttarakhand will be closed.  After the eclipse has passed in the evening, a puja will be held inside the temple.  At 5:32 p.m., the temples’ doors will open.  Immediately following the morning puja at 4:15 am, the temple doors were shut for the day. In Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, all temples will be closed today.

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Hyderabad, receives “World Green City” Award

At the International Association of Horticulture Producers (AIPH) 2022 World Green City Awards 2022 held in Jeju, South Korea on October 14, Hyderabad took home two awards, one in the overall category of “World Green City Award 2022” and another in the category of “Living Green for Economic Recovery and Inclusive Growth.”Hyderabad is the only Read More…

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Assam CM claims Rhino hit by truck ‘doing well’

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, first tweeted a video of a truck hitting a rhinoceros a few days ago. Today, he provided an update on the rhino’s condition.  Mr. Sarma tweeted that “our rhino companion, who met with an accident in Haldibari lately, is found to be doing well.” The post also included video taken from a drone showing a one-horned rhino grazing through a marsh. Through a tweet, the chief minister of Assam urged people to show kindness to their pets. In corridors where you know some animals may cross, move slowly, he advised. Prior to that, Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that his government was developing an elevated corridor to combat accidents by posting CCTV footage of Read More…

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Kerala’s vegetarian Crocodile ‘babiya’ dies at 75

The Kumbala Ananthapuram temple’s supernatural crocodile named Babiya has passed away.  Last night, the crocodile perished.  The worshipers were amazed by Babiya, 75 years of age crocodile at the Ananthapamanabhaswamy Temple in Ananthapuram, Kerala’s only lake temple Babiya is said to have appeared in the temple pond within days of a British soldier shooting a crocodile there in 1945.  Babiya only eats vegetarian food. Following both the morning and afternoon pujas, Babiya’s cuisine is served.  According to legend, Sripadmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram evolved from Anantapadmanabha Swamy Temple. Babia was a wonder to everyone as she dutifully exited the water, ate, and drank.  Babia doesn’t affect pond fish or other wildlife.

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Delhi will soon be able to run over 300 businesses, including restaurants, 24×7

According to officials, over 300 establishments, including KPOs and BPOs, will soon be able to operate their businesses in the nation’s capital on a 24/7 basis, including hotels, restaurants, and eateries as well as online delivery services for food, medicines, logistics, and other essential commodities. In order to give exemptions from the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act of 1954 in 314 such establishments’ applications, some of which had been languishing since 2016, Delhi lieutenant governor (LG) V K Saxena approved the proposal prior to Diwali. According to officials, the LG has ordered that a notification to that effect be sent out within seven days. The copy of the directive that the LG gave to the labour department has not been viewed by HT. “The ruling, which provides an exemption under Sections 14, 15, and 16 of the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954, is expected to increase the creation of jobs and foster a good and advantageous business environment, all of which are necessary conditions for economic growth.  The choice will also give the city’s much-desired “night life” a boost.  Commercial establishments are permitted to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, subject to exemptions under Sections 14, 15, and 16 of the aforementioned Act, an official said. The present exemptions for restaurants and hotels do not prolong the operational hours for serving alcohol, which are already allowed in bars and restaurants until 1am. applications from 2016, 26 applications from 2017, 83 applications from 2018, 25 applications from 2019, 4 applications from 2020, and 74 applications from 2021 on time out of the total 346 pending applications. In a show of unexplained discretion on the part of the labour department, these applications Read More…