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Calicut University Recruitment; The governor did not answer the Dalit candidate’s objection

Even after a year and a half, the governor, who is stringent about university selections, had not responded to the Dalit candidate’s complaint regarding the appointment of Calicut University. The complaint against the candidate never even received a response. The candidate is hopeful that in looking into selections from prior years, her complaint would also be taken into consideration.

Ansi Bhai, who took part in the interview, complained in 2021 about the university’s decision to appoint her as an assistant professor of comparative literature. The appointed person’s PhD thesis was allegedly plagiarised. A complaint and supporting documentation were submitted to the Chief Minister, Governor, and VC in this regard.

The complaint was made with the intention of holding the governor, who also serves as chancellor, accountable. After the complaint, a reminder was sent, but no response was received.

The chief minister forwarded the university the complaint for review. After discussing the matter, the syndicate formed a three-person team to look into it. However, the committee dismissed the complaint before Ansi could even present her case. The High Court is now debating Anci’s appeal for justice.

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