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British tourists are postponing their travel plans to India

Due to a last-minute change in the rules on tourist visas, thousands of British tourists had to cancel their travels to India, according to The Times UK. Due to the unexpected change in the law, Britons were compelled to apply for tourist visas in person at visa offices in the UK.

Another challenge in the procedure was that no appointments were available for the Britons for the following two months, according to the newspaper. 

This led to the cancellation of thousands of British tourists’ vacation plans in India.

The report noted that while at nine visa processing centres (VFS) in Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Cardiff, Edinburgh, central London, Hounslow, Leicester, and Manchester all appointments were fully booked at least until November 18, and no further dates showed any availability, the British passport holders were informed of the change via an automated message.

The earliest dates for the visa appointments, according to the report, could be around mid-December.

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