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Backlash for Priya Varghese; UGC won’t count teaching experience gained during research 

The UGC denied Priya Varghese’s appointment as an associate professor in the Malayalam Department at Kannur University. According to UGC, research time cannot be considered teaching experience. UGC stated its position in court about the petition contesting Priya Varghese’s appointment. The UGC was instructed to document the situation by the single bench.

Priya Varghese’s appointment had previously been granted an interim stay, which the High Court then prolonged by another month. The stay was extended after the court reexamined Joseph Scaria’s second-rank appeal. The High Court had earlier asked the Chancellor, the Governor, the Vice-Chancellor, and the government for an answer after adding the UGC as a party to the case.

Dr. Joseph Scaria, who is ranked second, has submitted a new petition asking to be appointed as an associate professor. However, the institution argued in court that Joseph Scaria’s demand was an abuse of the legal system. These issues will be addressed by the court later.

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