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Azad Kashmir reference: Court order to file case against KT Jaleel

court order directing the filing of KT Jaleel’s case in the Azad Kashmir matter. Arun Mohan, the chief of the RSS, petitioned, and the case was ordered. The Thiruvalla Judicial First Class Magistrate Court issued the directive.

The court has instructed the Keezhaipur police to bring a case against KT Jaleel. Jaleel had earlier been reported to this station by the RSS chief. Police did nothing, though. Then Arun Mohan moved toward the court.

After receiving backlash for his Facebook post made while in Kashmir, Jaleel had to retract his statement. Some of the references in the travelogue for Kashmir were removed by Jaleel after he claimed they were inaccurate. He claims that the comments were misinterpreted in a recent Facebook post and were not what he had intended.

Jalil had said on Facebook that he is rescinding the recommendation for the benefit of the nation. Azad Kashmir and Indian Occupied Kashmir allusions in the Facebook post drew harsh criticism.

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