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Attappadi Madhu Murder Case; Bail of all the accused was cancelled

Bail for all defendants in the murder of Attapadi Madhu has been revoked.The action is for trying to influence the witnesses.The Mannarkkad SC-ST Court issued the order. All 12 defendants in the case were subsequently remanded. In court, the prosecution had contended that the accused had influenced the witnesses by disobeying the bail requirements set down by the High Court.

The prosecution disclosed to the court that the accused attempted to sway the witnesses both directly and indirectly. Those accused Maraikkar, Shamsuddin, Najeeb, and Sajeev made more attempts to sway the witnesses. The court’s decision was examined, along with the phone records.

Some of the defendants even showed the prosecution court the records of the 63 phone calls they had made to the witnesses. According to the prosecution, there was proof that the accused had contacted some of the witnesses who would be questioned. The petition’s justifications were finished on the sixteenth day. After the bail application determination, the hearing will take place.

13 of the witnesses who have been examined thus far have defected. Seven of them have altered the confidential statement that was provided earlier in court. Only two people provided testimony in the prosecution’s favor.

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