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Asia Cup 2023 Schedule, India Pakistan in same group: Update

Pakistan will host this competition, while India and Pakistan are in the same Asia Cup group. The schedule for the cricket competitions taking place between 2023 and 2024 was published on Thursday by Asian Cricket Council President Jai Shah. It contains a list of the match schedule. The Asia Cup will be played in ODI format this time. It will take place in September.

The Asia Cup will be held in Pakistan this time. However, Team India won’t be travelling to Pakistan for this competition, as Jai Shah has previously stated. It has been suggested that a neutral location may host the competition. However, no formal information has yet been made public about this.

India, Pakistan, and the Qualifier 1 squad are the only participants in this year’s Asia Cup. Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka comprise another group. This tournament will have 13 overall games. The match’s schedule has not been released. The Men’s Under-19 Asia Cup will thereafter take place in December.

There will be 145 ODI and T20 games played between 2023 and 2024. In 2023, the figure will be 75, and in 2024, it will be 70. In addition, the Emerging (Under-23) Asia Cup is back on the calendar. It will take place in a 50+ format in July of this year. This competition will be played in a T20 format in December of the following year. T20 format will be used at the Women’s Emerging Asia Cup, which will be contested in June of this year. This will involve eight teams.

The Asia Cup is scheduled to be held in Pakistan this year. However, due to political issues between the two nations, BCCI is not interested in playing there. Rameez Raja, the PCB’s chairman at the time, disagreed with the BCCI’s stance. Additionally, he made a threat to skip India’s World Cup. However, Najam Sethi has taken Rameez’s place in the PCB following the change in leadership, so there may be some progress in this direction.

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