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Arif Muhammad Khan is upholding the dignity of the governorship; K Sudhakaran

The governor’s intervention in the university relative appointment scandal, according to KPCC President K. Sudhakaran MP, is salutary. K. Sudhakaran intervened when the appointment of the wife of the Chief Minister’s private secretary at Kannur University was put on hold. By doing this, Arif Muhammad Khan upholds the governorship’s honour.

In the struggle against the evil forces threatening the integrity of universities, the governor cannot act in isolation. The Kerala society is fully behind him. Additionally, Sudhakaran stated that he expressed his gratitude to the Governor for standing up for what he believed in even though it was late.

The governor should be ready for a thorough investigation into all of the illegal appointments made in the previous six years, even though it has been determined to only look into the relative appointments made in the last three years of the LDF administration. During this time, numerous irregularities involving appointments by omitting deserving and eligible individuals have been committed in favour of CPIM at the Universities of Kannur, Kerala, Calicut, and Sanskrit.

The VCs supported every nepotistic appointment that CPIM made. The VCs who oversaw the CPM’s erroneous nominations were given responsibility for all administrations and even reappointed. When the Kannur VC was reappointed, the administration stood its ground and questioned even the governor. VCs were used to thwart teacher appointment reservations up until that date.

In order to prevent the relative appointments made by the CPM under the shadow of the power from being revoked, the government is taking action in respect to the measure that grants the university chancellor, the governor, powers. The government, according to Sudhakaran, is allegedly considering a dishonest strategy to manipulate appointments and administration by escalating political fervour in colleges.

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