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Argentina-Brazil fans fighting in Kerala during the FIFA fervour; video goes viral

A video shows fans fighting with rods and poles while holding the national flags of the World Cup countries is making the rounds on social media. The people are wearing Argentina and Brazil jerseys. In the midst of the quadrennial FIFA World Cup fan excitement, a fight between Argentina and Brazil fans broke out in Kerala’s Kollam, apparently over an unidentified YouTube clip. The incident happened in the Sakthikulangara region of the district.

In the footage, a group of men—some of them are sporting football jerseys—are seen fighting with rods and flagpoles that are flown with the flags of the two South American countries.

Additional football-clad fans can be seen passing by as the conflict continues. Locals can then be seen attempting to contain the situation after the brawl lasts for a minute.

On the basis of the footage of the altercation, a case has been opened at the Sakthikulangara Police Station under Section 160 of the Indian Penal Code, which refers to disturbing the peace in a public place.

In Kerala, roadshows are a typical sight during FIFA World Cups. The locals of Mundakkamugal hamlet in Kochi, a group of 17 supporters, reportedly pooled their money and purchased a house for 23 lakh simply to watch games together!

Meanwhile, in Kannur, a guy was detained for reportedly ripping down the Portuguese flag that had been flown at a traffic light while the country—led this World Cup by Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo—was passing by.

Social media users shared a video of the man demolishing the flag. In some stories, the man—who was reportedly a BJP supporter—was even said to have mistaken the Portuguese flag for that of the Social Democratic Party of India, a rival political force.

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