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Archbishop gives Holy Communion to a Muslim.

By  Our  Foreign Correspondent

Brasilia,  Oct  20  (IVC)    A  pro-LGBT  Brazilian  archbishop   invoked  Pope  Francis’ apostolic letter  on liturgical formation  and  the  documents of Vatican II  to  justify  his choice to  administer  Holy Communion  to  a  Muslim   Sheikh  at  a funeral  service  here  recently.

“Every  reception of  Communion of  the  Body and  Blood  of  Christ was  already  desired   by  Him in the  Last  Supper”,  argued the  archbishop of  Londrina , Geremias Steinmetz , quoting Pope  Francis in a  clarification  issued  on the  diocesan website on August  30.

A  video  of  Archbishop Steinmettz giving the  Sacred Host to  Sheikh  Ahmad  Saleh  Maihairi  at  the  funeral of  Cardinal Geraldo  Majella Agnelo  on  August  28  went  viral on  social  media,  sparking  outrage among  faithful Catholics.

                In the video , Sheikh  Mahairi,  fonder  of the  King  Faisal Mosque  in Londrina accepted  the  host  in his  hand and  left the church  without  consuming  it.

                The  Muslim leader  told  the  diocese’s   Vicar  General  that  he  consumed  the  Eucharist   after  sitting  down  in his  pew.

                In his  clarification, the  archbishop defended the  sheikh’s reception of  Communion  on the  grounds that “he  participated in  the  Eucharistic celebration ,  as  a  friend and  entering the  communion line,  received  the  Body  of  Christ”.

                Abp  Steinmetz  said  that  Mahairi  was   in  friendship  with  the  late Albano Cavallin, a  former  archbishop  of Londrina  who  had  explained  to  the  Muslim leader many  years  ago that “the  Eucharist  is  the  body of  Jesus,  who  is  considered  to  be  a  prophet  of  Islam”.    

                Quoting Vatican  Second’s Nostra  Aetate ,  the  declaration on the  relations  of the  Church with non-Christian religions,  Steinmetz   noted  that  the  Church  regards  Muslims  “with  esteem” since “they  adore  the  one  God, living and  subsisting in  Himself, merciful and  all-powerful,  the  creator  of  Heaven  and earth,  who  has  spoken  to men”.

                Muslims “take  pains  to  submit wholeheartedly  to  even His  inscrutable  decrees,  just   as  Abraham , wih  whom the  faith  of  Islam takes  pleasure in linking itself,  submitted  to  God” Steinmetz  continued quoting verbatim from   the  Vatican  II. 

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