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Arbitration  Tribunal awards Rs 765.78  crore  to Tata  Motors as compensation plus

By  Our  Financial  Correspondent 

Mumbai, Oct 31 (IVC)    A  three-member  Arbitration Tribunal  here  on Oct 30, awarded a compensation of  Rs 765.78  crore ,  and 11  per cent interest besides one  crore rupee  towards cost  of proceedings  to  Tata  Motors Limited (TML)  for  cancelling its  Nano  small car  project  at  Singur.

                The  arbitration proceedings were  in between  TML and the West  Bengal  Industrial  Development Corporation Ltd (WBIDC) and the Tatas  claimed Rs 765.78  crore as compensation .

Following cancellation  of license to Tata’s  Nano  small  car  project, TML  was  forced  to relocate the    project to  Sanand  (Gujarat).           

                TML’s claim  of  compensation from WBIDC  was  under  various heads, on account  of loss  of capital investments, with   regard  to  automobile  manufacturing facility in Singur  (West  Bengal)  and this  is to inform  that  the  aforesaid  pending  arbitration  proceedings before a  three-member arbitration tribunal has now  been finally  disposed of  by  a unanimous award  dated  October  30, 2023  in  favorAAAaaaa  of  TML.

                The  claimant has  been held  to be  entitled  to  recover from the  respondent (WBIDC) a sum  of Rs 765.78  crore with  interest  there on at 11  per  cent  per  annum from  September 01, 2016 till  actual  date  of  recovery  thereof”  the  company  said in  a  filing with stock  exchanges.

“The  claimant  has  also been held  to  be  entitled  to  recover from  the  respondent one  crore  rupee towards  the  cost  of  proceedings, TML said. “ With  the marking  of  the  final arbitration award the  proceedings have  come  to  an  end,” the  company  added. 

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