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Another cloudburst hits Tehri in Uttarakhand, inundating farmlands

On Wednesday, Uttarakhand’s Tehri district bore the brunt of another cloudburst, as heavy rains caused the Nelchami rivulet in Chirbatia village to overflow, inundating irrigated farm lands.

However, preliminary reports did not indicate any casualties, according to the district disaster management office here.

Some of the bridges on the Moolgarh-Tharti highway have been damaged. The road is closed near Tharti, and traffic is disrupted along the route, according to the report.

According to a source, the Nelchami river is raging and residents living near its banks are concerned for their safety.

Tehri district had the highest number of casualties during the August 19 cloudbursts. Five of the seven bodies recovered so far have been discovered in the district’s Gwad and Silla villages.

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