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An Indian author living in New York City publishes a new book on Holi

A leading New York-based Indian-born children’s book author has released a new book on Holi, aimed at educating young readers here about the festival and the cultural heritage of India. Anu Sehgal, Founder and President of The Culture Tree, has penned ‘Kahaani Rangeeli’ or ‘Colorful Story’ along with Pridhee Kapoor on the Hindu festival of Holi.

The book “combines two passions of mine—language and culture. It is written in the Hindi language, and is a beautiful story of Krishna, one of the most beloved Hindu Gods, and his friends,” Sehgal told PTI.

She said the book celebrates an ancient Indian story, “while also sharing how we can celebrate Holi. Through this book, kids and their families will learn the importance of friendship and love. They also learn that friendship has no boundaries and has to be nurtured.” The prestigious New York Public Library and the Rubin Museum were among the venues in the city that held special reading sessions by Sehgal, who read ‘Kahaani Rangeeli’ to an enthralled audience of young children both from the diaspora as well as from other nationalities and ethnicities.

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