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An expert committee will investigate dog bite deaths: Minister Veena George

The number of dog bite fatalities this year will be looked into by the expert group. In order to ease public worries about rabies, a specialist group is undertaking a quick examination. Veena George, the minister of health, has mandated that a report on this matter be submitted right now. A scientific inquiry into fatal dog bites is suggested. Within two weeks, the expert committee will turn in its report.

In the state, dog bites caused 19 fatalities in just eight months. In the Kottayam area alone, 7164 persons were bitten by stray dogs between January 2022 and August 25. In Vaikom, more than 50 individuals have been bitten by dogs in the previous week.

Dog bites in the Vaikom municipal boundaries, Vechur, and Thalayolaparambu panchayaths, all tested positive for rabies. Dog bites and animals with severe rabies are closely monitored. People gripe that initiatives to prevent stray dogs are useless.

Strays dogs in Kottayam, Vadavathur, and Karukachal bit several persons. Efforts to prevent stray dogs have been hampered by local self-government organisations’ financial constraints. The most frequent targets of attacks are two-wheelers and pedestrians.

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