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An expert committee will appointed to study Vizhinjam coastal erosion: CM

An expert group will be established by the government to investigate coastal erosion in Vizhiinjam. In the Assembly, the Chief Minister also said that, with the exception of halting the port’s construction, he would consider any request from the Latin Archdiocese. The leader of the opposition said that the government had made judgments earlier.

The government is trying everything it can to convince the fishermen to end their anti-port strike. Within three months, a report on the investigation of coastal erosion by an expert group will be made public. The Chief Minister then announced additional Assembly action.

The families residing in the camps will receive 5500 per month so they can move into rented homes. The Chief Minister criticised that there is political interest in the strike and promised to promote non-kerosene fuel vehicles. The choices were made public by the chief minister in response to Kadakampally Surendran’s concerns. The opposition leader charged that choices should have been made sooner, including the creation of the expert group.

The fishermen who joined the leadership of the Anchuteng, Champav, and Arayathurthi parishes on the fifteenth day of the blockade campaign managed to get past the barriers and approach the project area.

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