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An ‘EGG’ceptional Artist

A fertile atmosphere is necessary for life to emerge. Without a doubt, as children, we all eagerly sought to learn more about the life that was pounding inside the egg. In some ways or another, eggs, hatch-lings, and egg yolks are a part of our existence. However, we don’t place as much value on used eggshells. It might be applied by many as a plant fertiliser. Some individuals have also been observed using it to create crafts. But Jijin S. Kumar, a Thiruvananthapuram native, has received a lot of attention here. What if the egg evolved into a living work of art? This young man is well known for his sculptures that include everything from emu eggs to lizard eggs. The 29-year-old’s main hobby is making coveted decorations on whatever eggs he gets.

Without the use of any machinery, he completes all of this. This young man was introduced to an area of art that Indians had little knowledge of or experience with six years ago through a Facebook image. The inspiration for creating a carved egg like this came from just one image. He immediately entered the kitchen after that. In the kitchen, one egg was used for the initial test. As anticipated, nothing went as smoothly. The egg shattered in addition to being unable to create the sculpture. He maintained his confidence, nevertheless. It will continue forever. The investigation included birds and eggs. Thus, he eventually mastered the ability to shape the egg in his hand to prevent it breaking.

He became a skilled carver after studying egg carving nonstop for three years, it must be mentioned. Here as well, the internet was helpful. The first record was finally broken after numerous attempts.That day, 7,500 holes were drilled into the egg. Later, he hit 12,500 holes, breaking his personal record.

The fact that he completed all of his carving by hand and without the aid of any machinery gave him the distinction of being the youngest person to do so. Draw the necessary design on the egg before beginning to carve pictures into it. A little needle is then used to remove them. Typically, a picture lasts three to four hours. However, some art requires days to complete.

Although there are numerous machines on the market today that can decorate eggs, Jijin still does every design by hand. According to Jijin, if you think you can construct half of it and then finish the other half, the egg would crack, hence the majority of the art is created in a single structure.

Jijin’s abilities go beyond this egg-related curiosity. He owns a sizable collection of coins from many nations. There are collections of rare coins there, even outlawed ones. At the 2017 International Egg Art Guild, Jin, an optometrist at the Thiruvalla Believers Church Medical College, had a piece of art used as the organization’s logo.

The World Egg Artist Association, based in America, recognised Jijin’s abilities and extended him an invitation, but he was unable to accept it because of financial constraints. Jijin is a member of the Encyclopedia of World Egg Artists Association and the son of R. Suresh Kumar and Cecily of Nellimudu Merimatha.

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