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Amit Shah will participate in the Nehru Trophy boat race: V Muraleedharan

V. Muraleedharan, Union Minister of State for External Affair, hinted that Amit Shah would take part in the boat race for the Nehru Trophy. He was responding to the debate around the Chief Minister’s invitation of Union Minister Amit Shah. Amit Shah will participate in the event while abiding by all administrative regulations. There will be no giving in on the case, according to V. Muraleedharan gave more details.

In the event of an assault on the party office, the CPI(M) will name those responsible. The Home Department has failed, as seen by the ongoing attacks. The truth is that the administration is denying the police the chance to carry out a fair inquiry. Has the attack at the AKG Center vanished?

Attacks are still happening in Kerala. Why does this loom over everyone’s shoulders? Failure is the Home Department. Blaming others is a way to hide one’s own shortcomings. Both the opposition and the ruling party are negotiating with the terrorists.

The Chief Whip and Congress Panchayat President attending the Popular Front event in Alappuzha is proof of this. Even Popular Front programmes were prohibited when Achuthanandan was in power. The Union Minister claimed that the CPI(M) and Congress are now demonising the terrorist group.

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