Amid controversies, Twitter merges its Health Experience team and Service team

According to reports, Twitter is attempting to unite the teams who are involved in lessening spam bots and harmful content on the social media site. The most recent development comes after Peter “Mudge” Zatko, a former Twitter security chief, said that the business had deceived regulators about the microblogging site’s inadequate cybersecurity measures. Additionally, the security expert claimed that Twitter prioritised user growth over eliminating spam on the platform.

Twitter wants to combine its service team and health experience team, and the new organisation will be known as “Health Products and Services (HPS),” according to a staff document obtained by Reuters.

Twitter’s health experience team strives to limit hazardous content, and the service team is in charge of analysing user-reported profiles and removing spam accounts.

The HPS team will be led by Ella Irwin, the current vice president of product for Twitter’s health service.

Peter “Mudge” Zatko, the head of security for Twitter, recently claimed that the social media site had misled regulators about its defences against hackers and spam accounts. Mudge further stated that Twitter had misrepresented its claim to have a robust security strategy. The security expert further stated that the Indian government had “forced” the company to hire one of its agents.

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