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AKG attack, accused confessed to the crime: Crime Branch

Jithin, a member of the Youth Congress who was detained in connection with the AKG Center attack, has confessed to the crime, according to Crime Branch. According to representatives from the Crime Branch, Jithin received the scooter from someone else. If another person was involved in the incident, that person will be looked into. Jithin’s clothes and scooter were nowhere to be located.

The crime section has seized hold of the accused’s car. The vehicle was hired on contract basis for KSEB. After the attack, Jithin rode back in that vehicle.

Shafi Parambil responded to Jithin’s arrest by saying that the CPIM has plans to impeach the congressman. There have been attempts to link a number of Youth Congress leaders to the allegations. In response, Shafi said that if there were any Youth Congressmen present, they wouldn’t have had to wait as long and that the arrest has upset Kerala’s support of Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yathra.

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