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Agents charge Rs 3.5 lakh per person for illegal immigration to Israel

In order to make money, several gangs in the state actively traffic people to Israel. Group tours that enter Israel on visit visas enable illegal immigration to the nation.

Each person must pay Rs 3.5 lakh. The agreement is made to “disappear” after the 11-day journey. A fee of Rs. 1.5 lakh is imposed on participants in the return journey.

Those who want to visit the nation must submit their names through agents. To continue in Israel, one must first present Rs 50,000 and a copy of their passport.

Those with connections to Israel or who know someone who has already “jumped” will be given preference. Those who can provide accommodations will be introduced to those who don’t have these connections.

However, this will need paying these agents an additional fee. The groups who will travel to Israel starting in the first week of April are now recruiting new members.

Only ten of the 17 individuals who had previously travelled in such a team returned to Kerala.

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