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Actress assault case will be considered by Justice Ziyad Rahman

The petition in the assault case against the actress will be reviewed by Justice Ziyad Rehman. Justice A.A. Ziyad Rahman will review Atijeevitha’s petition for a change of court tomorrow. Justice Kausar Edappagath withdrew, and the petition was forwarded to the new bench.

The trial should be moved from the Ernakulam Principal Sessions Court, according to Atijeevitha’s argument. Last day, Justice Kausar left Edappagat while deliberating the plea. As soon as Atijeevitha’s request to move the trial from the Ernakulam Principal Sessions Court was taken into consideration, Justice Kausar told that he was resigning. There was no indication of the withdrawal’s cause.

The Atijeevitha petition was then assigned to a fresh bench. This is Justice Kausar Edappagat’s second withdrawal from Atijeeivtha’s petitions. Prior to now, Kausar Edappagat withdrew from examining Atijeevtha’s argument that efforts were being made to obstruct the case inquiry. The actress assault case was tried by Kausar Edappagath while he was serving as Ernakulam Sessions Judge. Atijeevitha himself called for the judge to be replaced after bringing this up.

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