Accused in plot to kill Nayanar  discharge

By  our  legal  Correspondent

Kochi, Nov 21  (IVC)   Six  accused  persons including  Thadiyantavide Nazeer  , in the sensational   conspiracy    to hatch a plot to kill  the former Chief  Minister of Kerala  E  K Nayanar  were discharged by  CBI  Special Judge  , K Kamanees here  on  Nov 20.

                Thadiyantvide Nazzeer  and five  others  have been discharged  by the Special  CBI court  in a case  booked  for allegedly hatching  a conspiracy  to murder the late  former Kerala Chief  Minister  E K Nayanar   and other political dignitaries of the State.

                The Judge discharged  the accused on Monday  after  finding that  the prosecution could  not establish a prima facie case  against the accused  that they  hatched  a criminal  conspiracy  among  themselves  to overawe  the government  by  using criminal force.

                The accused  discharged  included  Abdul  Hameed, Mashood, Ismail, Thajudeen and Anwar.   Subair and Shibab, the two  other  accused  in  the case, were absconding.    Nazeer is  at present undergoing  imprisonment  in Bengaluru serial blasts case.

                The  prosecution  case  was  that the accused conspired  at a house  at  pallikkunnu in  1999 to murder  Nayanar  then the Chief  Minister, in protest  against  the arrest  of  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  leader  Abdul  Nasir  Maudany.    The  prosecution had  also  alleged  that  the accused  conspired  to  indulge  in criminal  activities  to overawe  the State  by criminal force  for the release of Maudany,  who  was  facing  trial in the Coimbatore  bomb  blast cases  from custody.

                The  prosecution had  claimed that Ismail, the first  accused , who  was  arrested  while allegedly trying  to  tender  counterfeit  currency  notes, had  confessed  to  the  criminal  conspiracy.                 Ismail was  later  acquitted  in  the  counterfeit currency  case.

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