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According to the aviation minister, India’s aircraft fleet size, anticipated to double in five years

According to Union Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Indian aviation industry is growing quickly and the size of the nation’s fleet as a whole is predicted to nearly double over the next five years.Mr. Scindia stated, “In five years, we are looking at a fleet size in the country of 1,200 aircraft, which will be about twice that of the existing number of 700 aircraft,” during the CEOs roundtable hosted by the trade organisation Assocham on Tuesday.

Mr. Scindia asserted his confidence that, from its current level of 200 million, the Indian aviation industry will reach 400 million passengers yearly during the next seven to ten years.

The minister also emphasised that in order for India to become a global centre, our airspace must be expanded to accommodate wide-body planes.

Wide-body aircraft are necessary for the nation to develop into a worldwide hub, which is why the ministry of civil aviation is working diligently on it and we have consulted with industry experts to make India an international centre in aviation, according to Mr. Scindia.

According to CAGR, the aviation industry is growing by 10% a year, he added.

Mr. Scindia stated that “we would recruit more than 300 ATCOs by the end of this year” in response to the recruitment of the currently understaffed air traffic controllers (ATCOs).

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