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Aadhaar updation, Government’s latest statement

Over the past ten years, Aadhaar has become a crucial identity proof for Indian citizens. In order to use a multitude of government programmes and services, you must have your 12-digit Aadhaar number. The Aadhar can be utilised by businesses and institutions as a KYC document. These include financial institutions, airlines, and other businesses. All Indian telecom carriers now provide KYC verification based on Aadhaar data.

Residents who received their Aadhaar number more than ten years ago and have not updated it since are urged to have their documents updated. Recently, some news stories falsely said that this was now required. Ignore these allegations and posts on social media, advises UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), the government agency responsible for issuing these 12-digit unique identity numbers.

In an earlier news release, the UIDAI emphasised that it is advising and encouraging residents to keep their documentation up-to-date. Residents “may” do this at the end of every 10 years, according to a recently published gazette notification.

Updating the papers in Aadhaar makes life easier, improves service delivery, and allows for precise authentication. The gazette notification is another step in the direction of the advice that UIDAI has always given to people to keep their documentation updated. UIDAI stated in a tweet, “Always keep your POI/ POA documents updated to enjoy the benefits of more than 1000 government initiatives and non-government services. Charges to update POI/ POA documents in your Aadhaar – Online: Rs 25, Offline: Rs 50.”

Additionally, the UIDAI cautions individuals, organisations, and businesses that not all 12-digit numbers are Aadhaar. It instructs organisations to quickly confirm a resident’s identification by scanning the safe QR code present on all Aadhaar documents. By utilising the Aadhaar app to scan the QR Code on the Aadhaar, they may also validate the identification of any resident. The Aadhaar QR code scanner is accessible through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The UIDAI never calls residents to ask them to update their Aadhaar information, which is another warning. Residents must either visit Aadhaar facilities nearby or submit an online application through the myAadhaar portal to update their Aadhaar.

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