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20 people are killed by flash floods in eastern Afghan province

According to officials, heavy rains in the eastern Afghan province of Logar caused flash floods that killed at least 20 people and destroyed more than 3,000 homes.

More than 30 individuals suffered injuries by the rains that pounded the region on Saturday, according to the provincial Governor’s office.

According to the statement, the floods also killed approximately 2,000 livestock and ruined dozens of canals in addition to about 5,000 acres of agricultural land, mostly orchards.

Numerous Afghans perish each year as a result of floods and violent downpours, especially in rural areas of extreme poverty where poorly constructed dwellings are frequently at danger of collapsing.

According to the province government, after their homes were destroyed, individuals were being evacuated to safe regions by security personnel and charitable organisations.

In a separate statement, government spokesman Bilal Karimi pleaded with the international community to offer assistance. Mr. Karimi pleaded with the world community, in a video message posted on social media, saying, “We ask the international community, especially Islamic countries and humanitarian organizations, to urgently help the victims”

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