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2 children were hurt in an attack on Sabarimala pilgrims in Alappuzha

Attack on the Sabarimala pilgrims from Kalarkode’s vehicle in Alappuzha. While travelling from Sannidhanam back to Alappuzha, the vehicle was attacked. Natives of Malappuram were attacked. According to the reports, the event injured 2 kids. The young person who attacked the vehicle is being sought by police.

The young man broke the bus’s window. According to reports, the perpetrator of the attack travelled with a reality television personality. Attackers targeted the pilgrims’ car, which was parked at a motel close to the Alappuzha Kalarkot Bypass. He was leaving the hotel after dinner when the incident took place.

The pilgrim group had 39 persons, including 9 kids. When the kids in this group snapped pictures close to the bike that was parked in front of the hotel, problems ensued. The incident began when the bike’s owner became enraged and stabbed the kids with the car keys. The youth in the group then got into a fight after that. Then he departed and returned with an axe, smashing the window of the car the pilgrim party was riding in. After hearing about the occurrence, the police arrived at the scene right away and immediately began looking for the young person.

According to reports, the police have located the young person. A young woman who was a TV reality show star was said to have been with the young male, according to the group’s statement to the police. After that, the team looked through the woman’s social media account for photos, recognised the young man, and gave the police their pictures. A case has been opened by the Alappuzha South Police regarding the event. Around ten o’clock last night, the incident took place.

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