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16 Indian sailors detained in Africa, Kerala’s chief minister writes to PM

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday to get involved in the situation as the families of 16 Indian sailors, including three from Kerala, who were arrested in Equatorial Guinea hoped the Indian Government would facilitate their swift release. Pinarayi Vijayan wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to instruct Indian diplomatic mission there to proactively intercede and facilitate the prompt release of the Norwegian vessel, MT Heroic Idun, and its crew, who have been held since August 12″ in Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria.

The Chief Minister said in his letter that the ship was detained by an Equatorial Guinean naval vessel on August 12 in international seas and that, according to reports, a total of 26 crew members, including 16 Indians, are being held as hostages.

“Three of the 16 mariners come from Kerala. The boat has been detained illegally, “Added he.

Mr. Vijayan also asserted that the shipping company was prepared to pay the fee even though the ship did not engage in any illegal activity in order to facilitate the seafarers’ early release.

“The shipping business paid the necessary punishment on September 28 after negotiating with the Nigerian authorities. Sadly, the crew and ship are still being detained in Equatorial Guinea under custody as of right now “In his letter, he stated.

He said that the crew’s physical and emotional health would be impacted by the “unexpected delay” in their release, and that their continued presence in the port, which is hazardous, “would also put their lives in jeopardy.”

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