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12-yr-old girl dies in stray dog attack

A stray dog bit a 12-year-old girl, killing her as a result. The Perunad native Abhirami passed away. She was undergoing treatment at Kottayam Medical College. The child received three doses of the rabies vaccine, yet he passed away.

Abhirami, a Pathanamthitta native from Perunad, was severely hurt by a dog on August 14. On her body, Abhirami was bitten seven times.The child’s body apparently exhibited claw wounds in addition to dog bites.

The child was brought to Kottayam Medical College after exhibiting rabies signs two days prior. A special medical board has been established for treatment, according to Veena George, minister of health.

By this evening, the Institute of Virology in Pune should have the test results from the child’s bodily fluids. The presence of rabies in the youngster can only be confirmed after test results are received.

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