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11 women detained for attacking a man who severed links with the Irinjalakuda religious group

Thrissur district’s Irinjalakuda-based Christian cult is once more making headlines for the incorrect reasons. On Friday, a guy who had severed relations with the Emperor Emmanuel Church was attacked by a mob. Eleven cult members who are women were detained and placed on remand.

The women have been detained by the Aloor Police on suspicion of attempted murder.

In Irinjalakuda, a retreat centre was the target of a mob attack. A man named Shaji who had left the Church had been attacked by the women after they banded together. Soon after the assault’s video went viral, the women were detained.

The event took place in Muriyad’s Kapparakkadavu neighbourhood.

Shaji had severed connections with the Emperor Emmanuel Church’s Zion retreat centre. The women stopped the car that Shaji and his family were travelling in, took Shaji out, and abused him. The windscreen of the car was also damaged.

In his testimony to the police, Shaji said that he was attacked by roughly 50 people.

However, the women asserted that they attacked him while he was morphing and disseminating images. Both the attackers and Shaji visited hospital for medical attention.

Differences of opinion between Church members and non-members had previously descended into ugliness. Olympic athlete Mayookha Johny said in 2021 that a member of the same Church had raped her companion. The alleged offender and his companions asserted that the rape allegations were untrue and the outcome of a disagreement in the church.

Thrissur Police issued a warning following the most recent incident that severe action would be taken if the conflict turned out to be a law and order issue.

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